Since its inception, Alaska INBRE has funded a variety of shared resources, which are readily available to biomedical researchers at all three UA campuses.  These resources include core facilities, equipment, and bioinformatics-related programs.  The following is a list of resources provided by Alaska INBRE and collaborators that is available to researchers throughout the UA system.

DNA Core Facility for Nucleic Acid Analysis

The DNA Core Facility is located in the West Ridge Research Building (WRRB) on the UAF campus.  The staffed facility provides nucleic acid sample analysis, mechanical maintenance, and support for instruments for both UAF and users outside of the university.

Life Science Informatics (LSI)

The LSI includes a large multiple node computational cluster on which numerous bioinformatics software programs are installed.  This portal has enormous memory capacity and processing power and is able to run analyses that would be impossible on individual PCs.  Other resources include the GenePattern Server Cluster, which provides access to microarray analysis programs and pipelines, and the CLC Genomics Workbench, a commercial software that features a graphical user interface based on high-throughput sequencing data analysis.

Editorial Support

The Mountain West Clinical Translational Research-Infrastructure Network (CTR-IN) offers support services to investigators seeking editorial assistance with:

  • manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed scientific journals
  • abstracts for national scientific meetings
  • research plan text for a successful grant application  

The editorial review includes reading successful submissions from each journal and/or adhering to RFP instructions to validate writing style choices or specific rules to content and format. Additional services include spelling and punctuation, rewriting sentences or reorganizing paragraphs to improve clarity and impact, eliminating jargon, and generally smoothing the language. For access to this free service, click on the button below for the editorial auto form to appear.

Equipment Lists by Campus

NCGR Bioinformatics Working Group

Faye Schilkey, Director of Strategic Projects for the National Center for Genomic Resources (NCGR) and the New Mexico Sequencing and Bioinformatic Core, visited with INBRE researchers at UAF and UAA in late January 2016.  For those that missed this opportunity or need to revisit the presentation, here are the SLIDES from the working group sessions.  Feel free to contact Faye ( or the Alaska INBRE Bioinformatics Core if you would like more information about working with NCGR.