Research Experiences Core

The Research Training Core will promote training and laboratory research experience for undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in studies of unique Alaskan populations, the environment, and contaminant exposures. Increased training and research experiences in Alaska-relevant translational and clinical biomedicine will lead to improved health care delivery in Alaska.

The Research Training Core has 4 goals:

1) Enhance biomedical professionalism in Alaska. Core programs will develop trainee skills in understanding biomedical research, applying critical abilities to conduct research, identifying problems in research, and proposing solutions to resolve problems.

2) Enhance the biomedical training network in Alaskan post-secondary education. Individualized training plans will determine trainee experience/needs and monitor progress toward career and research objectives.

3) Enhance the biomedical curriculum at all University of Alaska (UA) campuses. We will sponsor efforts to assess curricular needs to support advanced biomedical training at UA.

4) Enhance biomedical training among Alaska’s diverse populations. Alaska INBRE will work with existing programs at UA campuses to raise awareness of opportunities in biomedical research and health professions and to encourage all students to capitalize on these opportunities.

Jonathan Steyck

Research Experience Co-Director

Kristin O'Brien

Research Experience Co-Director