Management Advisory Committee

The Management Advisory Committee (MAC) is an internal committee which provides bottom-up guidance to the PI, Co-I, and the PC. Its purview includes multi-campus and network partner program goals, policies, activities, protocols, operations, internal awards, and student progress. Members of the MAC are representatives from each major campus and partner institution.

Brian M. Barnes

Chair Of the Management Advisory Committee, Alaska INBRE Program Director/P.I.University of Alaska Fairbanks

Jason Burkhead

Bioinformatics Core Director University of Alaska Anchorage

Cindy Knall

Alaska INBRE Program Coordinator University of Alaska Anchorage

Kristin O'Brien

Research Experiences Core Co-Director
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Jonathan Stecyk

Research Experiences Core Co-Director
University of Alaska Anchorage

Diane O’Brien

Research Professor
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Max Kullburg

Assistant Professor, University of Alaska Anchorage

Lisa Hoferkamp

Associate Professor University of Alaska Southeast

Denise Dillard

Director of Research Southcentral Foundation