2020-2021 Graduate Research Assistants
Name Project Title Mentor CAMPUS
Ralf Dagdag The Commander Complex: Potential As Novel Antiviral Proteins Bortz UAA
Molly Garner Electro-mechanical Coupling In The Heart Of A Champion Of Anoxia Survival Steyck UAA
William George Surveillance and Genome Analysis Of Bat Borne Coronavirus In Alaskan Bats Bortz UAA
Tracie Haan Health Implications of Permafrost Resistome Effected by Disturbance-Induced Thaw Drown UAF
Caitlin Kollander The Virus Ecology of Myotis lucifugus in Sothcentral Alaska  Causey UAA
Brandon Kowalski Sex Specific Responses in Protein Metabolism During Arduous Field Opperations Coker UAF
Shannon  Medlock Gut And Milk Microbiotas Influence On Offspring In Arctic Ground Squirrels Duddleston UAA
Kendall Mills The Role Of Melanin In Immune Function: A Wild Rodent Model Olson UAF
Evelina Natekin Medical Implants Bioinspired By Shark Cartilage Wilger UAA
Kristofer Sasser Defense At What Cost?  Measuring the Energetic Cost of Divergent Immune Phenotypes Weber UAA
Taylor Seitz Soil Microbial Community Effects On Alaskan Subsistence Food Security Drown UAF
Sarah Suarez NFLE Mutation Disrupts VILIP-1 Modulation, Shifting α4β2 nAChR isoform Expression Weltzin UAF
Alex Francian Enhancing Tumor Antigen Presentation With Complement Liposomes Kullberg UAA
Michelle Johannsen Mechanisms Of Muscle Preservation And Fat Loss In Response To Cold And Exercise Oliver UAF
2020-2021 Undergraduate Research Assistants
Awardee Project Campus Mentor Semester
Grenier, Zoey Copper stress in cells and initiates compensatory alterations in zinc handling machinery UAA Burkhead Summer
Jasmin, Ariane Analysis of the hypoxia‐induced response in Notothenia coriiceps UAF O’Brien Summer
Lyon, Cora Next generation sequencing of extremophiles: Determining the DNA repair mechanisms of Deinococcus radiodurans and its applications. UAA Bortz Summer
McKay, James An examination of the cytosolic protein visinin-like protien-1 effect on wild-type and associated nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy nicotinic acetylcholine receptors UAF Weltzin Summer
Novell-Lane, Sarah  Assessment of PFAS in biota and sediment from a contaminated source near Utqiaġvik (Barrow), Alaska UAS Hoferkamp Spring/Summer
Parades, Elvin The Effects of temperature on Trichobilharzia Alaskensis shedding in Arctic snails UAF Larson Fall/Spring
Reisinger, Jessica Heterologous expression of HCN channels of Trachemys scripta (red-eared slider turtle) UAA Stecyk Summer