2021-2022 Graduate Research Assistants

Name Project Title Length of Award Campus Faculty Mentor
Ameneh Arabi Development of MUC1 cancer immunotherapy using complement targeted liposome One year award UAA Max Kullberg
Caitlin Kollander Virus Transmission in Southcentral Alaska Myotis lucifugus Populations One year award UAA Douglas Causey
Jin Ziyang Therapist Immediacy in Addressing Alliance Ruptures from Patients’ Perspectives One-year award UAA   Sara Buckingham
Heidi McKee Culturing gut microbes: toward understanding beneficial host-microbe interactions One year award UAA Dr. Khrys Duddleston
Issac Van Flein Elucidating role of α4β2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in OCD and ASD Summer UAF Abel Bult-Ito
Jessica Johnson The robustness of an isotopic biomarker of added sugars across populations One year award UAF Diane O'Brien
Kelly Ireland Effect of Crude-Oil Exposure on Threespine Stickleback Fish Health and the Role of Host-Microbiome Two year award UAA Brandon Briggs
Michelle Johannsen Mechanisms of Muscle Preservation and Fat Loss Due to Cold Exposure and Exercise One year award UAF Scott Ryan Oliver
Monica Brandhuber Monitoring Polar Bear Reproduction and Metabolism with Novel Biomarkers One year award UAF Shannon Atkinson
Sarah Suarez Epilepsy Mutation and VILIP-1 in α4β2 nAChRs Shapes Dendritic Arborization One year award UAF Maegan Weltzin
Shannon Medlock Gut and milk microbiotas influence on offspring in arctic ground squirrels One year award UAA Khrys Duddleston
Summer 2021 Undergraduate Research Assistants

Name Project Title Campus Faculty Mentor
Athenia Large Cerebral and mesentery VSMC KV channel expression of the red-eared slider turtle (Trachemys scripta) during anoxia at 5°C and 21°C UAA Rachael Hannah
Cora Lyon  Whole Genome Analysis of Brucella abortus: Determining Virulence Factors Involved in  Brucellosis‐related Abortions UAA Brandon Briggs
Daphne Mueller Validation and deployment of qPCR assays for the detection of Icthyophonus spp., a Chinook salmon pathogen UAF Andres Lopez
Debra Lane-Hayes Cellular Identification of Trachemys scripta brains following anoxic survival UAA Rachael Hannah
Eleanor Ransdell-Green Aerobic and anaerobic metabolic remodeling in three-spine stickleback fish in response to cold acclimation UAF Kristin O'Brien
Erin Galla Are Mercury Levels a Concern in Commonly Harvested Fish in Alaska? UAS Sonia Nagorski
Jules Pender The Diversity of Mercury Methylating Bacteria Across a Permafrost Thaw Gradient in Interior Alaska UAF Mario Muscarella
Keith Sellers Smartphone-Enabled Thiamine Measurements for use in Resource Limited Settings UAS Lisa Hoferkamp
Muriel Dittrich Using Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring to Understand PSP Risks and Mitigate Testing Burdens at a Shellfish Farm in Southeast Alaska UAS David Tallmon
Myles LaValley The Effects of Upper Respiratory Tract Co-Infection on COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 Viral Load UAA Eric Bortz
Nicole Patkotak Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell K-ATP channel expression in Trachemys scripta (red-eared slider turtle); keeping blood vessels open in the brain during exposure to low temperature and reduced oxygen environments. UAA Rachael Hannah
Sage Robine Retrograde trafficking of COMMD proteins in response to viral infection UAA Jason Burkhead
Thomas Kosten Mucosal immunity transcriptomics from SARS-CoV-2 cases in Alaska UAA Eric Bortz
Zoey Grenier Copper stress in cells initiates compensatory alterations in zinc handling machinery UAA Jason Burkhead