Curriculum Development

An objective of the Alaska INBRE Research Training Core is to expand curricula in biomedical and health areas across the University of Alaska system.  This development targets appropriate learning/teaching methods and materials, as well as appropriate assessment methods and materials, for modules within existing courses or for new courses.  The following five curriculum development projects were selected for funding and implementation.
Awardee Campus Title
King, C. UAA Conversion of URS A121 Methods of Inquiry to an Online Course for Statewide Delivery
Peterson, J. UAF Sleepless in Alaska: Sleep, Health, and Well-being
Atkinson, S. UAS Development of an Interdisciplinary Summer Science and Culture Class for the Lower Kuskokwim Region of Alaska
Moore, C. UAA Interdisciplinary Approaches to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD): Best Practices in Alaska
Strecker, L. UAF Create Asynchronous Online Module to Replace Introduction to Ethnobotany (EBOT 100) Field Course Section
Leigh, M. UAF Integrating Art with Biomedical Sciences for In-Person and Distance-Delivery Biology and Art Courses
Callison, K. UAA Wellness, Health, and Safety in the Workplace
Pyare, S. UAS GeoHackathon: a GER-Aligned, Team-Based Springboard in Integrative STEM for Environmental-Health Disciplines
Wolf, D. UAF Next generation DNA Sequencing in Your Home
Couturier, C. UAA Developing Improved Teaching Tools to Facilitate Learning of the Most Challenging Concepts and Increase Retention in Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II at UAA.