Facilities & Resources and Equipment Documents


NIH requires a description of the environment and institutional commitment of the primary performance site of the early stage investigator of the PD/PI. In addition, NIH requires documentation of space available to conduct your research and descriptions of the area available for the proposed activities. This may include laboratory space, clinical space, capacity and access to animal facilities, computer equipment for data collection and analysis, as well as office resources available to the team and administration. 

Identifying equipment needed to complete the aims of the project is another important requirement. List the major items of equipment already available for your project.  Also explain the location and pertinent capabilities of the equipment.  

The INBRE office has compiled a collection of Facilities & Resources and Equipment example documents from our Network Partners.  These documents can be used to begin assembling this information but are dynamic and should be reviewed and tailored for the project needs.   

Facilities & Resources SCF

Equipment SCF

Facilities & Resources ANTHC

Equipment ANTHC

Facilities & Resources UAA

Equipment UAA

Facilities & Resources UAF

Equipment UAF

Facilities & Resources UAS

Equipment UAS