INBRE 4 has six specific aims:

  • Specific Aim 1

    Build on the research capacity, expertise, and interdisciplinary collaborations in the recently expanded One Health network of AK INBRE 3 by providing support for pilot research projects (see Developmental Research Project Program), research advisors, and professional growth to developing faculty and investigators.

  • Specific Aim 2

    Provide Administrative Core support and coordination of programs within the AK INBRE 4 network, its annual research retreats and summits, oversight and advisory committees, tracking, reporting and outreach, and internal and external evaluation. AK INBRE 4 activities will facilitate the overall coordination and sharing of resources among all IDeA and other NIH and University of Alaska programs with similar goals of enhancing capacity for biomedical research and growing and diversifying the pipeline of students seeking careers in biomedical research and health in Alaska. (See Administrative Core.)

  • Specific Aim 3

    Augment the AK INBRE 4 One Health program by reinforcing a Bioinformatics Core that allocates resources across the AK INBRE 4 network. This core will provide training and services in bioinformatics and biostatistics for investigators and students through support of a distributed model that leverages existing network bioinformatics resources, conducts hands on training workshops, and supports access to external resources for data acquisition and analysis. (See Bioinformatics Core.)

  • Specific Aim 4

    Through the Research Experiences Core, increase the research and knowledge base of an inclusive AK INBRE 4 network by providing support and training to graduate students, offering research experiences to undergraduate students and fostering greater involvement of diverse students into biomedical research and behavioral health related careers. (See Research Experiences Core.)

  • Specific Aim 5

    Sustain research excellence and competitiveness in the AK INBRE 4 network by implementing a new program that provides support to post-doctoral scientists, technical staff, and purchase of specialized equipment to increase retention of successful investigators in participating institutions. This Sustaining Research Excellence Core, funded through institutional commitment, will also provide resources to enhance recruitment to the AK INBRE 4 network of outstanding researchers specializing in AK INBRE 4’s One Health research theme. (See Sustaining Research Excellence Core.)

  • Specific Aim 6

    AK INBRE 4 will renovate space to establish a modern bacteriology suite for conducting microbiome research at the University of Alaska Anchorage. (See Alteration and Renovation.) Achieving these specific aims will enhance biomedical and behavioral research capacity, grow transdisciplinary research by connecting human, animal, and environmental health, create resources in bioinformatics and biostatistics, address long-standing research needs in an underserved minority population, and build a diverse biomedical workforce in the unique and changing state of Alaska.